silk care

Wash and care instructions for your valuable silks

Some tips to take care of your silk sareers to make them last forever.

  • After buying, remove the saree from its box. Do not leave in a box or polythene bag for more than 3 days.
  • Unfold your silk sarees and change the folding every three months.
  • We recommend stitching of saree fall for jacquard and tissue sarees.

Washing Instructions

  • Do not use soap for the first 3 washes. Use only plain water.
  • For sarees, wash the border, pallu and body separately in the begining. Never beat the garment.
  • For subsequent washes, use good quality detergent soap.
  • Clean quickly. Do not bundle or keep wet for a long time.
  • Always wash the saree and other garments separately.
  • Use medium iron only.
  • Use sweat pad for the blouse.
  • Do not get wet during rain.